Sizing Guide

Welcome to Prairie Blooms Boutique!  This page is a sizing guide for you to know the various sizes of our bows and crowns before you purchase!

Snap Clip: Measures 2" across, $3.50

Long Snap Clip: Measure 3" across, $3.75

Hand Tied Bow: Measure approximately 3.5" across, $3.50

 Petite Bow: Measure 2.5" across, $3.50

 Elegant Bow: Measure 3.5" across, $5.00

Glam Bow: Measure 4.5" across, $8.50


Single Clip: Measure between 2-3", $9, finished on an alligator clip with teeth

Pigtail Clips: Measure between 2-3", $15-$17 for a set, finished on alligator clips with teeth

French Clip: Measure between 3-4", $10-$12, finished on a French clip

Dainty Long: Measures between 5-6", $22-$24, finished on a nylon headband, tieback, or metal headband

Dainty Spaced Crown: $12, finished with velvet tiebacks

Dainty Full Size Crown: SINGLE row of flowers wired onto headband $20-$22, finished with velvet tiebacks

 Full Size Thin Crown: $25-$28, finished with velvet tiebacks 

Petite Crown: Measure between 3-4", $16-$18

 Medium Crown: Measures between 4-5", $22-$24

Large Crown: Measure 5" or more, $24-$26


Full Size Spaced Crown: Comes with velvet tiebacks, (three bunches of flowers on the tieback) $26-$28

Full Size Crown: Comes on a metal headband or tieback, starts at $30

 Grande Full Size Crown: Comes on a metal headband, starts at $40