Meet our amazing team! We love these little ladies and they are wonderful at showing everyone our Prairie Blooms Boutique products! The shop wouldn't exist without this amazing group of reps and their hard working mamas!

Addie @addie.joy1432
Annie @ashley.c.0616
Cora @ford.cora.hattie Eleanor @sadams847
Ellie @elliebrookeslife Hattie @ford.cora.hattie
Jessa @jessa.grace.luv Julianne @missjulianneloren
Kensington @kensington_elizabeth Milania @Kat17d
Oakleigh @oakleightyler Preslee @sweetp_plus3
Rylee @sweetp_plus3 Emersyn @missemersyngray
Maya @mayatshelton Piper @tessa.and.piper
Madelyn @cmezz1 Laykan @livingwiththekings
Leighah @livingwiththekings Malynn @missmalynn
Lucy @jsprout8239 Fynlee @dailydoseof_fynlee
Emma @allforemmagrace10 Dez and Gray @dezandgray
Kylie @Hklem1987 Mia Kate @miakateb